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Here you will find the various projects of myself, Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton.

We are undergoing a massive Global Shift. Our entire worldview is changing. Collectively we are going from a time of reductionism, separation and hierarchy to one of connected consciousness and love. But to get there we are going through great discomfort as we see previous structures crumble and hidden polarities appear starkly in front of us.

I am passionate about helping people see through the constructs that society asks us to believe and showing, through science and evidence, that the world is not what we think it is. I have been discussing the Science of Consciousness through my lectures and books for almost 20 years.

The core of my work since 2003 has been a theory known as The Black Hole Principle. It forms the backbone of what I discuss, be it the Science of Spirituality or the Origins of Civilisation.

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Together we can navigate the Global Shift.

Enter the world of Punk Science – best selling book and forthcoming movie.

Get ready for mind-blowing ideas and revolutionary paradigms. Punk Science has been rocking the world with its revolutionary concepts since 2006. The book demonstrates that subjects previously seen as spiritual have their parallels in science and showcases a ground-breaking new theory called The Black Hole Principle. 

Punk Science has been an Amazon bestseller in both the UK and USA (Science and Religion charts) and has inspired a generation to understand the links between Science and Spirituality. To find out more click the link below. 

Manjir and book
Genius Groove book

Time to get Groovy! 

Have you ever wondered if there is more to your potential and your creativity? You may have been told that you are not one of the talented ones. Well I am here to tell you that that is all b*******! 

Modern Science is revealing that we are not the results of our genes, our brain size or our IQ. Our creativity and genius goes far beyond that. 

The Genius Groove is the groundbreaking new science of creativity that will help you both understand and tap into your unique talents.

Isn’t it time that you got into your Genius Groove? 

Are you looking for something Simply Divine?

The Science of Spirituality can be confusing but no more. Simply Divine offers an easy guide to the Science of Spirituality that is broken down into a 6 month online course covering everything from the quantum physics of tarot to the science of angels and more. 

TV Show Hidden Science 

Between 2013 and 2014 I was co-producer and presenter for TV show Hidden Science created for The People’s Voice television. The episodes are now available on Youtube and cover everything from Lucid Dreaming to the dangers of electromagnetism.

As well as presenting the show, I wrote the scripts, did the running order, researched the guests, booked them and sometimes even did their makeup! You can see the results on the episodes.

Yes, I want more magic in my life!

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Enter the Magic

The Magdalene Prophecies

This is a current project – my third book and I am busy researching this in the background of all the other things I do. Although the book is not yet out, I have actually done several talks on the new bookand I have embedded some of these on the page. Expect:-

  • A new understanding of lost gospels.
  • A scientific analysis of the Bible – from archeological evidence.
  • An account of various visions I have had of Mary Magdalene and her associated mystery school.
  • A totally new take on the progression of ancient civilisations – what can the new science tell us?
Mag prophs
As seen in

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