Accessing your Galactic Self

Accessing your Galactic Self

In this post we shall discuss how to access your Galactic Self more deeply.

Some of us don’t feel like we belong here. This runs more deeply than the sense that we are outside a particular ‘crowd’. There are people who have memories of being from a different star system all together.

You may have heard the terms ‘star seed’ or the concept that you are becoming a galactic human being. In reality everybody has a galactic self whether they know it or not. Because we are multidimensional, we have many aspects of who we are. We can think of it like layers of an onion. Some of these layers are to do with star systems and dimensions beyond the world of 3D Earth.

In fact the Earth itself has many many levels to it. So has every planet. In reality all planets are inhabited with beings, but at many different frequencies of reality. We are looking for life as we know it, within our dimension. But there is much more to the universe than we can fathom or measure at the moment; this is what cosmologists call dark matter and dark energy.

This meditation is designed to help you to access the galactic aspects of you – your Galactic Self. Make sure you listen to it when you are safe and won’t be interrupted and not when you have to pay attention to something like driving.

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The Song of Creation

The Song of Creation

Do you want to hear the song of creation?


In the beginning, there was the Word we are told by The Bible. Some have interpreted this to mean that sound preceded everything else in creation. Certainly in my work exploring the Black Hole Principle (BHP) I have found that sound seems to precede the creative ejections that come from creative bodies across space. You can call it a song of creation of sorts.

If you remember, The Black Hole Principle says that all levels of the universe work in much the same way – there are differences in types of particles and radiation, but it is all the same process from black holes to quarks.

Part of the hallmarks of this creative process are radio waves and sound waves. One of the simplest ways to think about this is to think of thunder. I have explained in the past that thunderstorms are an example of Black Hole Principle behaviour with antimatter, matter and gamma-ray bursts as well as water being produced. Thunder which is so familiar to us is a great example of the way sound can accompany the black hole process.

Interestingly sounds are indeed being discovered at different levels of the universe. Some of the sounds are not audible to humans but we can hear them when they are processed.
So here are some examples of sounds being produced by the Black Hole Principle at different levels of the universe.

The Sun

It appears that when a Coronal Mass Ejection occurs, space probes pick up the equivalent of a screeching noise.


The Earth

Scientists are starting to notice a hum from the Earth and cannot explain why. Again something totally predictable from BHP.



This is a very interesting one as until fairly recently we didn’t think much of comets – they were thought to be icy snowballs. Then it was found that they too emit charged particles, therefore displaying black Hole Principle behaviour too.

It was also a shock when they heard these sounds in this video – the frequencies have been manipulated so that we can hear them. You can hear the sound via this link.

And in this clip, we have the sound of a black hole itself. Ignore the erroneous guff about the black hole chewing up a star, they are just saying that as they are trying to explain why the black hole is emitting so regularly.


More sounds reported by NASA


So sound accompanies the ejections from the various bodies, be it thunder or a corneal mass ejection. What changes is the level at which it is occurring? The process is fundamentally the same.

I hope you have enjoyed our foray into the sounds of the universe and the song of creation.

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The Flipside of Spirit

The Flipside of Spirit

Entering the Flipside of Spirit

I have seen it many times, someone undergoes a spiritual awakening and the world becomes all sunshine and rainbows. They just can’t believe their luck and the new world that has opened up to them. They meet people who are psychic and who want a world filled with possibilities and beauty.

Simply Divine

Image: Shutterstock

They explore community living, chakras, crystals, tarot. They pinch themselves that just a few months ago they were wondering if there was more to life and now here they are in New Age play land.

Making these new connections it suddenly seems possible that a new Earth could arrive very soon – a beautiful utopian land based on love and peace.

And them boom – life hits them in the face and they are pushed to the point of near disillusionment. They experience events which makes them question everything they have just learnt.

This can take the shape of three phases

1. Betrayal

Usually what happens first is that the oh-so-lovely spiritual people that our new age newbie has just encountered show themselves as they really are – people so keen to escape their issues that they have wandered into the fluffiness of the New Age.

But their emotional traumas remain and show up just as before. This is even more confusing for the newbie as people seemingly so full of love and light up front turn around and act in a vicious manner.

This feels to the newbie as even worse then the ‘normal’ world they thought they had left as at least people there were more upfront about being ruthless. This is a pretty common occurrence for some stepping on the spiritual path.

2. Life events blow up

The Flipside of Spirit, Simply Divine


Another very common occurrence is that shortly after waking up spiritually, life events occur in the person’s life that can bring them to their knees: divorce, job loss and more. This blow up can cause most people to turn their back on spiritual awaking yet it is often not possible. Once out of the box, it cannot be put back in.

Often people lose out on the financial income that they enjoyed before. Many people have immense spiritual skills but they can’t find a way for these skills to lead to financial support.

It seems that the worlds of the spiritual and that of the material are very far apart. They start to lose faith in their own spiritual journey and become disillusioned with it all as ‘airy fairy’ nonsense that is not practical. They don’t see how to keep their integrity and make money.

3. The Road to Integration

This is the Flipside of spirituality and it can be painful. But this doesn’t have to be the point when someone jacks in their journeying and exploration (not that it is possible anyway). Andrew Harvey speaks of undergoing the initiation of the light and then the initiation of the dark.

The truth is we need both to become fully integrated on the journey. We need the dark and the light, the conscious and the subconsciousness, the spiritual and the practical, the immaterial and the material, the matter and the antimatter. If you follow my work you will know what I mean by that last example.

Road to integration, Simply Divine

Image: Shutterstock

If you can ride the storm through this initiation of the dark and understand it for what it is you will be able to become a more integrated and clearer person. You can exist in the realms of the dimensions as well as have a job if this is what you want.

You will be able to see a lot of the New Age types for who they often are – people escaping from childhood emotional traumas. This means you will have a more balanced view of people and of the world that will put you in better positions than the initial floaty escapism that characterises spiritual newbies.

I am not judging this phase either – I have totally been there myself – we all have. It just becomes very confusing and I hope this article helps people to realise they are not alone in having similar issues blow up in their face. They don’t have to completely reject their spirituality when this happens but can move forward in a more integrated way.

In truth it is your own subconscious emotions and shadow self that are exploding and this is what is reflecting in the world ‘out there’. This insight will help you to navigate some of the most difficult storms.

I have created an online course called Simply Divine which is designed to help you to navigate the shifts including the dark night of the soul and connect more deeply to spirit. To find out more about Simply Divine click here.

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Women in the early church.

Women in the early church.

When arguments are made against women preachers, people often cite lack of precedence – women have never been teachers within the church and therefore should not be now. Jesus called only called men to be his followers and to spread his message.

Evidence from the gospels

So what if it is actually quite easy to find evidence of women as teachers and having prominent positions within the early church? What does that do to our current perceptions of women in authoritative positions.

Even Paul who wrote the very earliest Christian texts that we have – the epistles, actually mentioned women who are teachers such as Priscilla. He even mentions a woman called Junia as being amongst the apostles although the interpretation of this passage has often been disputed. But there again he is also quoted as saying women should be quiet and obey their husbands, which is something that scholars think was inserted later. The two attitudes seem at odds.

Evidence from Apocrypha

Things become more confusing when you look outside the gospels to popular apocryphal tales such as Paul and Thecla which forms part of the Acts of Paul.

Paul and thecla, women preachers, women in early church

Image: Paul and Thecla fresco grotto, Epheshus. David Lull Creative Commons Flickr. Note how in this image Thecla’s face and teaching pose has been wiped out in an attempt to hide the fact she is a teacher.

This tells the tale of a young woman called Thecla who despite being engaged to be married, decides to renounce family life to go out and preach the new religion of Christianity having heard Paul preaching in her town. This causes great consternation because in the pagan world, women were meant to be daughters or wives and create families. There was no other lifestyle available to them.

This tale actually describes why Christianity took root with women; with its messages to turn away from family life and sexual procreation, it provided a radical path to freedom for women who would be otherwise tied to domesticity and baby rearing. For people of the pagan world who were centred around family, this was shocking.

The popularity with women was such that it caused the Roman commentator, Celsus to scoff at the fledging religion as one populated with ‘slaves and women’. In such comments we can get a glimpse of the ethos of equality that may have existed in early Christianity. This was a religion which didn’t care about your role in the physical world now, but in your spiritual role in the next world.

Christians today might find this shocking as they see the Church as family centred. But in the early days it was about keeping yourself free from the distractions and attachments of family life so you could devote yourself to the spiritual one in preparation for the End of the Age, which early Christians believed was happening very soon and within their own lifetimes.

The Cover up

Things changed of course and over time the early prominence that women played in the church has not only been forgotten, there are signs that it has been covered up.

Magdalene Women, Magdalene Mystery School

Image: Pixabay

One simple example is in Mary Magdalene. In three of the gospels she sees the risen Christ. If this is the definition of an apostle, she is an apostle. But she is hardly mentioned after this.

In fact, as Ann Graham Brock points out in her book, Mary Magdalene, ‘The first Apostle’, in the Gospel of Luke, Mary Magdalene’s role has been diminished and Peter rises to prominence. He is no longer the blunderer that Jesus even calls ‘Satan’ in Matthew’s Gospel when he admonishes Peter for valuing the world of men over God.

Peter is often portrayed as someone who just doesn’t get Jesus’ teachings. But in Luke’s Gospel Peter’s blunderbuss antics are played down and he is put in a more prominent position at the expense of Mary Magdalene.

Looking to extra canonical gospels again this replacement can be even more stark. The Acts of Phillip features a teacher and miracle worker, Mariamne who is thought to be Mary Magdalene in the Greek versions, but in later Coptic versions she is replaced by Peter! In some texts even in Mary Magdalene’s pivotal encounter at the tomb, she is replaced by Mary the Mother of Jesus.

So we have signs that any evidence of women holding high status in the early church has been diminished or even edited out.

Present day cover up

Catacombs of Priscilla, women preachers,

Image: Flickr Creative commons attribution Steven Zucker

This even continues to the present day as in the case of the Catacombs of Priscilla in Rome. These recently rediscovered underground tombs are complete with paintings and frescoes dating from the 3rd Century CE that seem to depict women teachers and even women running a Eucharist meal. However, the idea that these frescoes depict women as teachers or holding any leadership roles were dismissed by the Vatican as pure fantasy.

Although the Vatican may indeed like to dismiss this concept as pure fantasy it is hardly an academic approach. The true approach to scholarship would be to examine the possibility that these early tomb painting indeed depicted women as teachers in the early church because there were actually women as teachers in the early church. I can’t help but look at the image of the women in the red outfit and think it might be referring to Mary Magdalene as she is traditionally clothed in red in art.

But this may be too early to make that connection and I also don’t know if I am looking at the original pigment. It may be completely wrong, but that is not the point. The point is that we should have at least a discussion. We should open up and revisit the issue of women in the early church in an age when at least some of us can look through a lens that does not contain the prejudices of the past.

And when we do, we may find more that we though possible that was staring at us all along about the status of women in the early church that we just were not able to see.

Lastly, you may enjoy this poem that came through me whilst researching this topic. I feel it came from the collective consciousness of the early women so long ignored by the male dominated church.

Women’s voices

we weep
as we sweep his feet with our hair
you leave us no choices
you take away our will to be
if we lose a man
we lose our right to live, to dignity
so we do what we can to survive
our only choices
yet still you denigrate us
as sinners
yet leave the ones who come to us
who pay to violate our bodies
in the most carnal ways
as sin free
somehow it is our fault
that we tempted them
and yet the the ones who comes to us with deliberation
are left without a blemish
and we are the ones who bear the stigma of sin
for centuries
and yet when there is one of us
who rises to the status of teacher
instead of celebrating her strength and wisdom
you wish to bring her too to the status of the fallen
like there is nothing less you can tolerate
expect your repugnance for our kind
so keep your false piety
that all you want is for women to rise above
it is you who are bringing them down
When will you follow the example of he whom you say that you follow
when he transcended the flesh and understood the true nature of who we really are
who looked beyond the assignments of gender and of physicality
to the spirit within
his is the example that you say that you follow
yet you still deny spirit to a whole half of us
saying that spirit does not dwell within our bodies which you see both as imperfect and to be desired
Maybe one day you will truly follow in his footsteps
And honour the love within

Main Image: Pixabay

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