The Supernova that refused to die

The Supernova that refused to die

The supernova that refused to die and what it can tell us about our universe

There are many articles in popular astronomy news that attract my attention because they report cases where the universe does something that defies current explanations. This is for the simple reason that current explanations are actually outmoded and not how the universe works, therefore observations will contradict current theories. 

The Black Hole Principle is a much more accurate picture of the universe, which will also be eventually superseded, but for now and the foreseeable future, it is our best fit for the universe.

I read many articles which follow a theme – The Black Hole Principle fit the observations much better than current mainstream theories. A great example of such an article is the case of the supernova that refused to die.

A Rebel Star?

This is the story of supernova called iPTF14hls spotted by scientists in San Diego 2014. At first, the behaviour of this supernova appeared to fit the picture of an explosion of a dying star. These supernova events can be so great that they momentarily rival the brightness of an entire galaxy.

Except this supernova iPTF14hls, refuses to play by the rules. Instead of fading away, it has actually been observed to become brighter. Astronomers expected the supernova’s brightness to dim over the period of 100 days but this did not happen. To top it off, a supernova was seen in this same location in 1954 which means this could be the same event spanning 60 years!

This errant supernova led astrophysicist, Stanford Woosley at the University of California, Santa Cruz to remark to, “I’m not sure, and I don’t think anyone else is sure, just what the hell is happening. And yet it happened, and so it begs explanation.”

When observation does not match theory

I had to giggle to myself when I read this article. Like so many articles on astrophysics that I read, this demonstrates one of the key issues in science today. Scientists are so wedded to their current models of how the universe works that when repeated observations come forward to show them that they are wrong, they do not know what to do.

This so-called supernova is a perfect example of Black Hole Principle behaviour. The model of the universe currently held by astrophysicist is that the universe is a violent place, full of powerful explosions of things dying and colliding. How else would they explain the powerful signals they see coming from various part of the universe?

But the Black Hole Principle provides a different explanation. These bright events are not the result of violent deaths but of effortless creation from points all over the universe from the micro the macro. As the light tumbles in from higher dimensions and reaches the Perception Horizon that marks the boundary between this so-called 3-D world and dimensions beyond, it can be very bright and powerful.

It is effortless power because it is fuelled by higher dimensional processes far beyond what we can generate in this dimension. But as I have described before, the black hole creation process involves breathing – so sometimes you see a lot of light given out and sometimes the process appears relatively dormant – there are seemingly random fluctuations.

This is what is happening in the case of the supernova, iPTF14hls. It is probably the same object that has been observed since the 1950s but instead of being a star that has exploded as it died, it is the sign of creation. Sometimes it will appear dormant as less light is being transferred from higher dimensions and sometimes it will outshine a galaxy as the light being brought in is particularly strong.

Sometimes objects across the universe show very rapid fluctuations that yet again do not fit the violent explosion model. Yet astrophysicists stick to their theories despite the data and observations being in opposition to them.

From violence to effortless creation

The insistence of astrophysicists on violent explanations is understandable when you believe that the 3-D universe is all there is. The fact that their own calculations have revealed that what we can physically see and measure makes up less than 1% of the universe with most of it being a mysterious dark matter, has not persuaded mainstream scientists that other realms exist beyond their imagination.

In the 3-D world below the speed of light, the only events that can release the sort of light we see from supernovas are explosions.

But if we open up to a universe that exists on many planes, we start to realise that the source of all that we see around us is not some distant Big Bang but the universe is being created all the time at every level from higher dimensions.

And as the light from higher dimensions breathes our world into existence, it is effortlessly powerful and has no set point, but moves one way and then the other.

Hence we observe objects that defy the current thinking in astrophysics but absolutely fit The Black Hole Principle. This process gives rise to the gamma-ray burst repeaters and a lot of other observations that currently confound astrophysicists. 

One day, maybe the consciousness of humanity will evolve beyond the violent urges we have and our collective tendency for destruction. Maybe that is when we will be ready to receive the new, more accurate picture of worlds beyond the one we see with our eyes being the gentle source of power and creation for our world.

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Why I think the Concept of your Best Year Ever is nonsense

Why I think the Concept of your Best Year Ever is nonsense

As I am writing this it is nearing Christmas 2017 and a lot of people are selling courses and promises of facilitating a fantastic year in 2018. But how realistic is it to have a great year one after another? Here’s why I think the concept of your best year ever is nonsense.

My best year ever?

Back in 2013, I had what would be in most people’s terms, my best year ever. This one year included travelling to California and speaking at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in front of, amongst others, Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell. 

Speaking at IONS was one of my dreams and to top it all off, I was inundated with great feedback. I came back and went straight to the Glastonbury Symposium where I spoke at the special evening event and to my surprise, the room was packed despite it being a hot July conference with no air conditioning.

That very same month author, David Icke contacted me personally to ask me to create the show which would become Hidden Science. So I became a TV presenter and producer that year. We also got the trailer out for Punk Science Movie, pushing that whole project forward.

I then went off to Malta to speak at the Body Talk Conference as a keynote speaker and had a magical time with wonderful people chatting away on beautiful hot October evenings. 

To top off this amazing year, I turned 40 in November and had an incredible birthday party ever with some of my closest friends.

A different path

It really was the most incredible year and in anybody’s books would qualify as a ‘best year ever’. But would I want to stay in that moment? No!
I don’t want to headline at Glastonbury every year, sorry but I don’t. 

Since 2013 my life has taken a different path which has involved some very hard work creating and launching online courses, learning how to create my own website as well as online marketing and editing hundreds of videos to use as course modules. It is a very different type of work. A lot goes into it upfront and there is no immediate audience reaction. It is insular and lonely at times.

So the years from 2014-17, probably don’t look like my best years from an outside perspective. They have certainly been some very tough moments including moving house and our cat, Lulu passing away.

But life is an evolution. We don’t stay static but build and grow. Yes, it has been isolating hard work to create and launch my courses but at the same time, it has been laying the foundations for a different type of experience in the future and a new way of conveying my message. In some ways, I have had to start from scratch again but it is also building on everything I have done before. 

Best year ever is nonsense

2013 speaking at the Institute of Noetic Sciences

The cycles of life

This is how the cycles of life are; you have highlights and your time in the limelight (whatever that means for you) and then you have other times germinating and creating something new. They are equally important. Although some years may not look or feel like the best years, they are all part of the process of what makes you who you are. Quieter years of introspection and preparation can also be part of your big why. 

The ancients knew about these cycles of life and for a while now, I have loosely kept track of my yearly cycles in a system called 9-Star Ki. By looking up your date of birth in the system, you can find your nine-year cycles. According to this system, you go from germinating a seed to being in the limelight over the course of nine years with different stages in between. You have guessed it, 2013 was a year nine in my cycle!

What happens after you reach the end of any cycle? Dissolution then occurs and you start all over again with something new. It may look like your life is not progressing in those quieter years but it can take time to build something new.

The Real Meaning of ‘best year ever’

So when people discuss the concept of you ‘best year ever’ which they are wont to do each 365 days, what do they really mean? A year where there is no dissolution or death? Or simply a year where you make more money than last year? 

The years of introspection are also incredibly important and you cannot judge those times as inferior. They may not be as comfortable to live through but they are important aspects of your life.

In my opinion, the concept of a ‘best year ever’ is actually about being the most comfortable in all sorts of ways and I don’t just mean financially. But life is about a variety of experiences and sometimes you need to go beyond comfort in order to grow. 

Your Higher Self and Black Holes

In my work, I have applied The Black Hole Principle to our personal lives and demonstrated how it is not our ego self that manifests our lives, but the aspect of us that is beyond space and time sometimes called the Higher Self. 

Even the years you find difficult and testing are all part of the pattern of your life. These are the experiences that make you and help you to reach deeper into who you really are.

So it’s not that every year becomes your best year ever but that the concept goes out of the window as you stop judging your experiences as bad or good but accept your life as it is – the product of your infinite creation.

To learn more about how you can tune into your Higher Self and what that means in terms of black holes, check out Simply Divine- An Easy Guide to the Science of Spirituality which now comes in an All at Once format. 

What do you think? Do you prep to have your best year ever? Do you disagree with my point here? Leave a comment below.  


What to eat when you are dimensionally aware

What to eat when you are dimensionally aware

Fruit or Friend?

Amazon just sent me an email highlighting their Vegan-friendly gifts. It included t-shirts and shopping bags with the slogan ‘Eat fruit, not friends’. This immediately made me feel conflicted as it implies that there are certain objects in life that are conscious such as animals and other things that are inanimate and unconscious such as plants. 

But when you are a multidimensional person, tuned into many levels of consciousness, you realise that nothing is an inanimate object so the concept that some things are living and conscious and other objects are not, just doesn’t work. It also raises the issue of what to eat when you are dimensionally aware.

Consciousness in all things

Ever since I had a kundalini awakening when I was 18 years old, I have been tuned in to many levels of reality and I realised that everything is actually part of the one mind. It was a moment that profoundly changed my life. 

So now I am able to sense the consciousness in all things – both so-called inanimate and animate. And I am not just talking about hearing the spirit of trees, I have even been known to have chats with pieces of furniture! This level of functioning is a bit too much for everyday life so I tend to tune it out.

The Confessions of Basil

A few years ago I had an experience which really made me rethink what it is to be vegan or vegetarian. In the days when I was still eating meat, I was cooking a meal that involved fresh basil. I had shopped for this meal in Tesco supermarket on one of my late night shopping trips after the gym, so none of the packet basil was left. I picked up one of the living herb pots and brought it home.

Later, whilst cooking with the basil and tearing off some of the leaves I heard, with my clairaudient ability, somebody saying ‘ouch’ in an indignant fashion. Perturbed, I carried on but I realised that the Basil plant was speaking to me and telling me its annoyance at having its leaves torn off!

Although I cooked the meal, I continued to ‘hear’ the Basil plant as it complained about being treated in this way. Through telepathic communication, it told me of factory farming of herbs and how difficult it was for them.

I must say I was a bit concerned I would no longer be able to eat anything. I mean if both animals and plants are so alive to me, then what exactly can I eat?

Lessons from Baz and Paz

I told James who thankfully understood and Baz, as he became known, became a member of the family taking pride of place in my office in our then home in Buxton. He started to grow so large that we re-potted him several times.

What to eat when you are dimensionally aware

Me and Baz

We took him for ‘walks’ whilst he was still small enough for us to carry him and he would sit outside in Nature facing the trees in the woods. One day he said, “shall I show you how we talk?” And then he sang a song of consciousness in vibration and colour. He was singing to the trees. He told me that this is how plants communicate.

I also heard Italian Parsley (or Paz as she became known) talk to Baz about their purpose in life. Paz said to Baz, “this is our lot. We are grown to be eaten and then we are born again. Nourishing humans is our purpose.”

But Baz wasn’t having any of it. No humans were worthy of eating his leaves. Now I understand why Basil has a reputation of being King of herbs although, in Native India, Basil is seen as sacred and the Queen of herbs.The British Empire changed it into a masculine herb!

Tuning into your body’s needs

Although I am vegan now, apart from the odd bit of fish, I am not doing this just out of concern for animal cruelty. Truth is, I have long had a difficult relationship with meat and dairy even as a small child and it has been a relief that, as a woman, I have now entered a different phase in life and my body no longer feels like it needs meat.  

Spare a thought for the plants and remember Baz

So going back to the Amazon T-shirt slogan, ‘Eat Fruit, not friends’ – to me, there is nothing that isn’t our ‘ friend’. Plants are our friends too. So if you are vegan because you believe that this is the cruelty-free way, spare a thought for the plants who are factory farmed, who feel pain and sacrifice themselves to be part of our cycle of life.

Sadly Basil, a native of much hotter climes did not make it through the cold winter of the Peak District despite a valiant attempt to make it through. As he left me he told me to look for him in all Basil plants as his spirit would go back to be at one with them all. 

What to eat when you are dimensionally aware

Baz got even bigger than this!

I hope you have enjoyed the story of Baz. Do let me know what you think in the comments below. 🙂

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Bigger Magic from before the dawn of time

Bigger Magic from before the dawn of time


What is it that happens when we step into our creativity? In this article, we shall look at embracing your creative journey actually creates a new way of living that is like tapping into a Bigger Magic from before the dawn of time. 

Elizabeth Gilbert’s interesting assertion 

As you may have seen me discuss before, Elizabeth Gilbert has released an amazing book called ‘Big Magic’ which brilliantly describes the creative process. Although the book does not provide any scientific mechanism for how the creative process works, the way she describes creativity very much fits The Genius Groove.

She has personally discovered that creative ideas sit outside of the self and partner with us in order to be birthed into the world. She also said something else that made me realise perhaps there is bigger magic at play in the world that she may not know about.

During the book, she clearly says that you should not ask for your creativity to financially support you to pay the bills. If it ends up doing so, as in her case, then fine but she believes that she is an exception, not the rule. In other words, she asks you to not follow your passion as your career which is the opposite of the advice of many others.

Stepping onto my true path 

This was very interesting to me. Those of you who have read The Genius Groove will know that I was catapulted onto my current career path, after a series of events which ended with me leaving a career in medicine. I did not intend to suddenly leave the medical profession in that way. My ex-husband and my parents made a case to the General Medical Council that I was not mentally fit after I separated from my husband, citing my multidimensional abilities as evidence.

I myself would have liked to have carried on working part-time in General Practice whilst writing on the side. Hand on heart though, I know I would not have been able to fully commit to the new book and a new way of living had I stayed in such a fear-based paradigm as medicine. The whole setup is to fix people who are ill therefore this is a paradigm that says that illness is a problem, not a learning experience and that it should be eliminated rather than understood.

Dipping in and out of this paradigm on a regular basis would realistically have meant that Punk Science would have been written in a very different way, if it had been written at all. But back in 2002, my immediate question was, how would my creativity support me? Well the answer is, I somehow did get supported. Partly through my repentant ex-husband when I moved back into my house after the loss of my job. I paid my personal expenses through healing clients and talks and it was always just enough to keep me going, whilst he paid the mortgage.


Bigger Magic from before the dawn of time IMAGE: Graphicstock[/caption]

The Road to Abundance 

Eventually, I met my current partner, James who has in fact invested a lot of time and money into supporting my career because he believed in what I was doing. For me, the situation has been less than ideal as I would have preferred to have fully supported myself, but I have realised that somehow, yet again my creativity has been supported. I noticed that bigs shifts came when I started really believeing in myself and what I had to say in the world. 

So I somehow have managed to survive what should have been a catastrophic loss for many years now. I have also lived an incredible life by following my creativity. I have been flown around the world to speak at conferences and met many wonderful people. It seemed the more I let go of, the more wonderful experiences came my way. So the very thing that should not have supported me has in fact brought me great abundance in terms of experiences and enough financially to carry on doing what I am doing.

Living the New Paradigm 

I have found that other people too are stepping onto this path. They are leaving conventional professional careers and are somehow managing in a way that they could not have imagined whilst still in the straight-jacketed career and dependent on the monthly paycheck.

Very few are earning enough to retire to the Bahamas, but that isn’t what a lot of them want anyway. Usually, they just want to earn enough to cover their basic bills and expenses so that that are free to be creative and to follow their mission. In the book, The Genius Groove I call this way of life New Paradigm Living but really it does defy explanation or rules.

What is interesting is that this way of living does exist and it seems to unfold once a person has really committed to their creative path and their spirituality. It is almost as if people slip through the cracks of the rules of 3-dimensional life whilst still living within it, tapping into a bigger magic from before the dawn of time! 

Another thing I have noticed is that when people flounce out of their previous lives saying they are going to ‘make art’, they do not necessarily enter this state of New Paradigm Living. It seems to be entered into in a centred way, when the way is made clear, rather than when the ego self wants it to happen. 

Conclusion and further information 

So Elizabeth Gilbert I disagree with you. Sometimes by committing to your path and your authenticity in a centred way, a different path opens up. The universe can show you a different dimension, a slip door in the back of the wardrobe: the bigger magic from before the dawn of time.

If you would like to know more about The Genius Groove book and courses click here.

If you would like to buy Big Magic from Elizabeth Gilbert from Amazon click here. By purchasing through my amazon link, you are supporting this blog.

What about you? Have you stepped off the well-worn path and found that you have managed? Or have you thrived after finding your creativity? 

Let me know in the comments below. 

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The Shroud of Turin and The Black Hole Principle

The Shroud of Turin and The Black Hole Principle

Is there a link between The Shroud of Turin and The Black Hole Principle? In this video lecture I explain how I think they might be connected. 
But how did I get interested in thsi subjct in this first place? On lazy Sunday afternoons by the fire, James and I watch tend to watch documentary channels. In the late 2000s a number of these featured the object called the Shroud of Turin.
Over the years, I had never really paid attention to this particular object. I had assumed as many other did that the object was a medieval fake. 
But gradually The Shroud gradually seeped into my consciousness and my curiosity was aroused. 
From a scientific perspective, The Shroud of Turin is a fascinating object. I started to do talks on the subject and the response was immense. One of the talks has gone up on YouTube. I will link to it here. 

In this talk I cover
  • What the Shroud of Turin is and some of its history
  • What properties does the Shroud have 
  • Why nobody can explain how the Shroud was made
  • The story of the Shroud – what happened to the man who is depicted on there. 
  • How new evidence published in a peer reviewed journal is pointing to the Shroud not being a fake
  • My own ideas of how we can link the Shroud of Turin to the Black Hole Principle. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

For the updated information about The Shroud of Turin and The Black Hole Principle plus many other subects liek this, check out The Magdalene Mystery School

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