7 steps to a Magical Life

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7 Steps to a Magical Life

This free course will unfold over several days with video tutorials and specially designed worksheets. It is designed to create a profound shift into a new, more magical life. 

Are you looking for something Simply Divine?

The Science of Spirituality can be confusing – but no more. Simply Divine offers an easy guide to the Science of Spirituality that is broken down into a 6 month online course covering everything from the quantum physics of tarot to the science of angels and more. 

Magdalene Mystery School

Be a part of the Gathering 

If you sense a deep connection to mysticism and Gnostic ideas, then you may be drawn to join this gathering. In live monthly online workshops and ongoing community we will explore the legacy of Mary Magdalene, the Divine Feminine and more. 

7 steps to a magical life Dr Manjir

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