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Who really was Mary Magdalene?

Is there any evidence for the existence of Jesus?

What are their hidden teachings and prophecies?

Why do so many people feel drawn to find the answers?

Watch the video to find out more


Many of us have been feeling it. From all walks of life and all parts of the world.

We feel a deep connection to the lives and events at the turn of the first millennium

It could be through dreams, visions or just a knowing. That the story we’re told is not the whole truth; there is something deeper. Something that has been hidden for centuries.

The time is now.To gather together to share our experiences. To meet our soul family

Hi, I am Dr Manjir. I am a former medical doctor and the author of the book Punk Science. I too have been feeling the call and I’ve met many others who are waking up to it too.

I have created the Magdalene Mystery school as a safe place for us to gather online. It’s not just a forum though; there are going to be regular live calls to connect with each other and experience the hidden dimensions within us. 

I’m also going to be sharing concepts from my new book The Magdalene Prophecies which includes some radical theories about who Mary Magdalene really was and her actual significance for humanity.

Together we can create the new story

If you feel drawn to join this gathering then enter the Magdalene Mystery School.

We are open to receive you.

Enrolment starts now.

I’m curious, but I would like to know more details.

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What is the Magdalene Mystery School?

It is an online secure community space where people who have an interest in Mary Magdalene and related subjects can connect.

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How do I join?

By clicking the links on this page you will be taken through to a registration procedure. When this process is complete you will be able to access the community space.

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What is the community space?

The community space is a private membership site that is hosted by a software company called Simplero. Only people who have registered for the community space can access it.  It will be accessible via a browser on both desktop and mobile devices with workshops requiring a free app.

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What is inside The Magdalene Mystery School?

There is a forum, a blog with articles and interviews and every month you will be invited to a live workshop with Dr Manjir exploring topics to do with Mary Magdalene and more. The Mystery School is going to be continually updated. You will also have exclusive access to material from the new book, The Magdalene Prophecies.

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Who is Dr Manjir?

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton is an award-winning author, speaker, TV presenter and mediapreneur. For over 20 years she has been exploring the edge of science, consciousness and mysticism.

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Is she a 'real' doctor?

Dr Manjir qualified as a medical doctor from the University of London in 1997 before becoming a medical GP in 2001. She also qualifed as a bio-energy practitioner with the Plexus Institute in 2000.

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Is this a cult?

Most definitely not! The Magdalene Mystery School has the exact opposite message – that empowerment comes from within and any attempts to worship Dr Manjir as a cult leader are strongly discouraged.

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Is this New Age?

The Nature of this material will explore mysticism and so people interested in so-called ‘New Age’ topics will most likely be interested in this site. However, the content also includes discussions of science and archaeology.

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How much does it cost?

You can try The Magdalene Mystery School for a month for just $5, after that you will be charged $25 a month.

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Can I cancel when I want?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. If you cancel, your access to the Mystery School will end but you can keep any downloads you received during your membership.

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What help is available?

Dr Manjir will be dropping into the forum and answering questions on the live calls too. Plus there are areas of the community space where you can ask for help and get information. There are guides and a support desk which you can message and email to help you navigate the site and your account.

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Are you going to charge my credit card?

As long as you decide to stay in the membership group, your credit card will be charged giving you access to the Mystery School. But if you choose to leave, you can manage this yourself so have total control. Furthermore, the system will send you an invoice every month so that you never forget what you are paying for and don’t get a nasty surprise.

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Can I get a refund?

During the first month $5 trial you will be able to ask for a refund. But due to the live nature of the space, after the initial 30 day period, no refunds will be given. You just cancel when you want to. Full terms and conditions will be given on registration.

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Who is this space for?

You probably know if this space is right for you. I have aimed it at those people who are interested in the mystical side of the Mary Magdalene Story and feel a connection to the Divine Feminine or more. There is a strong scientific element to the site too where biblical issues are discussed with evidence and archaeology.

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Who is the Space NOT for?

This is NOT a site discussing orthodox Christian theology. My message for very religious people is that I suggest you go elsewhere. If you have an open mind and are drawn to this material then you are the most likely to enjoy and benefit from the site.

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Are you criticising religion?

Absolutely not. Through an examination of ancient Scriptures and even forensic evidence, this material aims to get to the heart of what most religions and spiritual traditions are about. This site will be respectful of your background. If you are of a fundamentalist faith then this site is not going to be for you as we are going to be exploring alternative ideas.

Watch video to see inside The Magdalene Mystery School.


Try the Magdalene Mystery School for just $5

$5 USD for the first 30 days. After the first month, your payments will be $25 a month. You can cancel at any time. 

Magdalene Mystery School
Dr Manjir Magdalene Mystery School

Praise for Dr Manjir and The Magdalene Mystery School

You taught us so much and we enjoyed and benefited from your Seminar very, very much.

Finally! I’ve found someone else  who can see the width, breadth and depth of the truth!

Thank you for your great wisdom and knowledge Manjir!

Places are limited to ensure a quality experience

Try the Magdalene Mystery School for just $5

$5 USD for the first 30 days. After the first month, your payments will be $25 a month. You can cancel at any time. 

Magdalene Mystery School
Magdalene Mystery school Guarantee


Spiritual development happens differently for everyone. Occasionally this is just not right for someone’s journey and they should get in touch to obtain a full refund. There is a time limit of 30 days for refunds from signups due to the live input that Dr Manjir provides on the course.

The course contains full Terms and Conditions of the course within the Membership website Simplero or Jigsawbox according to which applies to you. Please read through them on signup to make sure you agree to the Terms.

Results Disclaimer

Every effort has been made to accurately represent all products and services on this site. There is no guarantee that you will get specific results by following the ideas in these materials. Examples and testimonials in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee.

Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in the materials depends on several factors, such as your background, motivation, commitment, and actions. Since these factors differ according to individuals, Paradigm Revolution and Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton cannot guarantee your success, nor are responsible for any of your actions. Results may vary.

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