The Annunciation by Matthew William Peters, Lincoln Cathedral. Credit Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton

Some people ask me- how did it all start. Where did the concept of the Magdalene Prophecies come from? By the way that is not what I wanted to call the book! The lady herself came through one New Year’s Eve when I was attending a Lebanese Bellydance event – only later did I see the significance of that. The name just came through loud and clear and it had had a great response.

But it all started way back in the 2001 when I was still training to be a GP. I had taken a trip to New Mexico to attend a conference on the science of consciousness. Still to this day I can feel the magic as I arrived by myself to the hotel. I met several people whom I kept bumping into after lectures.

One of them was a woman named Jenna. On the last night of the conference she invited me to her place in Santa Fe before catching my flight back and I agreed.

After chatting for a while, we decided to head out for something to eat and it was then that something very strange happened. We looked at the moon and I have never before or since seen the moon in that way. It is hard to describe but it seemed to change shape. Then suddenly, without either of speaking, we knew that we were the women going to the tomb of Christ that fateful morning after the crucifixion.

I can’t say who was who as such it was as if we were the group consciousness, not anyone particular individual. Now I didn’t even know it at the time but Jenna is Jewish and I have a Hindu background so neither of us had much idea about the New Testament or Mary Magdalene.

That’s how and when the visions began and since that moment I have had many more including being inside Mary Magdalene’s consciousness as she was giving birth to her second child. To find out the full story check out this lecture. Enjoy.

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