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Punk Science

Punk Science is the award-winning book by Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton that was released in 2006. It brings together concepts from the science of consciousness, quantum physics, the new biology, string theory and cosmology with ideas from mysticism and esoteric knowledge using a contemporary approach that is easy to understand.

The book also outlines a new vision of the cosmos called The Black Hole Principle which outlines how the behaviour of the universe is the same pattern at many different levels of the universe from the centres of galaxies to the heart of the atom and everything in between. This is explained using the data of astrophysics and more. The book made certain predictions such as

  • Antimatter can be found in thunderstorms – this was found by NASA in 2010.
  • Black Holes produce water, therefore water should exist at many places in the universe. Water is now know to be common not only in the solar system but in the furthest reaches of space.
  • Gamma Ray bursts are produced by galaxies. The Fermi telescope has since found two gaint bubble like structure around the Milky Way that they were not expecting and have no explanation for.

These are just a small sample of the predictive capabilities of the theory. When many astrophysicists and cosmologists are scratching their heads because they do not understand why their observations do not fit the theories they have so cherished, Punk Science describes a new elegant and simple way of understanding the universe from the micro to the macro that fits the obeservations and makes accurate precitions about the universe. On this page you will find further videos which contain lectures which outline some of the main points of the theory.

Manjir and her partner James have gathered footage from around the world from scientists discussing the current paradigm revolution in science to create the Punk Science Movie and online Masterclasses. This project is now in the post production stage and awaiting further funding before being completed.


Find out more about Punk Science - the Movie

A small sample of the lectures and interviews for Punk Science

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