Is the Holy Grail hidden in Hertfordshire?

Is the Holy Grail hidden in Hertfordshire?

Is the Holy Grail hidden in Hertfordshire?

People often say that The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. When it comes to the Holy Grail, it is the subject of much fascination. Is it a cup used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper? Is it is a stone as some traditions assert or could it even be a person with Royal Blood?

The concept of the Holy Grail has inspired many writers and since the success of the book, The Da Vinci Code, interest in subjects such as The Holy Grail, Mary Magdalene and even the Cathars have soared.

But there is a story that has not reached the headlines and has been hidden away in a sleepy corner of England, pretty much ignored. It is the story of how a heretical sect seems to have escaped persecution in France and established itself a few miles north of London.

They carried with them an object of veneration and founded their order upon this relic. What was this object and its significance? Could this be the object secreted from France after the sect was persecuted? If so we have to ask the question – Is the Holy Grail Hidden in Hertfordshire?

The History of Ashridge

My interest in the story began around 2001 when I had just moved to the town of Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire UK. At the time I was still working as a medical GP. I also had acquired a dog that year which led me to go for long walks in the National Trust Land which lies just behind Berkhamsted called Ashridge Estate and today it is mainly famous for its business school.

Is the Holy Grail hidden in Hertfordshire

Ashridge House. Image: wikicommons

So I got to know the local landscape including the business school which is on the site of much older settlements going way back to 1283 when a monastery was built on the site. When King Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries, this became the home of the young Princess Elizabeth before she was announced as the Queen. It then passed into the hands of aristocratic families before becoming a business school in the 20th century.

The house is rarely opened to the public but I have visited under special circumstances. I have even been underneath the house to the well that the monks used. It is the monastery and the order that founded it which is of interest to us in this article as they may hold the key to a mystery that has been plaguing people for some generations; what was removed by the Cathars at the siege of Montsegur?

The Cathar Connection

To understand why this is a mystery we need to back up a bit to explain who the Cathars were and how they can be linked to Ashridge.
In Southern France in the 12th Century, a sect of Christianity arose that the church would go on to call heretical and wipe out completely. They are known today as the Cathars. By a modern mystic’s standards, the Cathar ideas that remain with us are very appealing.

They believed in living humbly and focusing instead on direct spiritual experiences. Some of the sect lived a life of chastity and poverty. They were known as ‘Perfect’ people or Bonhommes – good men. Obviously, this direct access to spiritual realms was threatening to the power of the church and they were systematically wiped out in one of the worse genocides in history.

Some Cathars held out for months in a stronghold fortress on the top of a hill called Montsegur. After a while, their supplies would have become depleted and they supposedly gave themselves in and perished in the fire but with little struggle in 1244. A persistent mystery is that members of the sect supposedly scaled the perilous fortress and hill to escape with something.

We don’t know if it happened and what the object was, but it has sparked speculation ever since. Some say it is the Holy Grail which may be a cup but may be the blood of Christ. This could be an actual vial of blood or a person who was a member of the bloodline of Christ. We don’t know for sure if it happened or even what the Holy Grail was supposed to be.

Is the Holy Grail Hidden in Hertfordshire

Castle at Montsegur. Image: wikicommons

The Bonhommes

Whilst I lived in Berkhamsted, I came to hear about the monastery originally at Ashridge and started to research it. That’s when I discovered that a few years after the Cathars gave themselves up in Montsegur two monasteries were established with the order of Bonhommes and one of them was at Ashridge. Apparently, they believed that they had a sample of the blood of Christ which some would call The Holy Grail.

It is highly unlikely that whatever relic they had was actually the blood of the man, Jesus Christ. It may not even have been blood which would have been difficult to store. As you probably know, having a relic in the Middle Ages was big business and indeed a local resident of a nearby village uncovered a load of wall paintings in their house dating back to the time when it was used as a rest for Pilgrims coming to Ashridge to see the supposed Blood of Christ.

But even without a genuine vial of the Blood of Christ, we still are left with the fact that a mysterious order of Bonhommes established two monasteries in England shortly after the Bonhommes were wiped out in France. They had support from members of the Royal family who may have had some Cathar connections and were therefore possibly sympathetic.

In one of the few book written about the history of Ashridge called A Prospect of Ashridge (Phillimore 1980), Douglas Coult disagrees that the Bonhommes of Ashridge have anything to do with the Cathars in the south of France. However, he gives no explanation as to who they were, why there were only two orders in England and why they were called Bonhommes if they were not French Cathars.

Just wild speculation?

It is entirely possible that the during the persecution of Cathars in France in the 1200s, members of the sect who remained, who may have even possessed whatever it was that was smuggled out of Montsegur, were able to come to England under Royal patronage to set up a monastery in the 1280s. We do know that a vial of supposed holy blood was kept by the monastery at some point – whether this was THE object or not we don’t know.

It is also plausible that these were the same Good Men or Bonhommes that originated from the South of France in the Cathar community. The dates fit for a group of the order to flee the persecution and begin again in England.

If we believe that whatever was smuggled out of Monstegur was indeed an object known as the Holy Grail as many a speculative theory has suggested then it is possible that the Holy Grail is hidden somewhere in Hertfordshire.

Even without the Holy Grail aspect, it was fascinating to live so close to an aspect of the Cathar story that few know about. Many people focus on France but the Ashridge Bonhommes may have opened another chapter in the Cathar story.

Like with many other monasteries, this too was dissolved by King Henry VIII which ended the Order of the Bonhommes. Who knows – whatever it was that they were protecting could be still there, perhaps buried and hidden in Hertfordshire!

For more topics like this and a community of like-minded people check out The Magdalene Mystery School. 

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Meditation: Integrating your Inner Lizzie

Meditation: Integrating your Inner Lizzie


There is a growing awareness of a discrepancy in the world – there are a few people who have the power and they keep the rest of us under control. Some people are becoming aware of other levels to the control such as alien or reptilian beings. Whatever your take on this, this concept can create fear. So this time we are going to be doing a Meditation on Integrating your Inner Lizzie. 

The Point of no Return

In the year 2001, right after the 9/11 incident, I was visiting some friends. They had the TV on which was showing a memorial ceremony for the people who died in the event. My friend asked me if I could see ‘them’. He was referring to the interdimensional beings that were around the senior politicians of that time. Until that point, I had heard the concept that interdimensional beings were controlling our world leaders, but thought it was far-fetched.

But as I watched this memorial, my vision somehow shifted and suddenly I saw them. They were standing behind certain public figures and were psychically attached to them. They were tall and almost integrated into the humans that they followed.

I was stunned. Suddenly David Icke did not look like the nutter that everybody thought he was. I now literally could see what he was talking about. And so began a period of my life where I began to consume a lot of material about the controllers of the world. I avidly read the book by David Icke called ‘The Biggest Secret’ and learnt about The Money Masters and other aspects of what is known as conspiracy theories.

Intergalactic Tank Girl

Integrating your inner lizzie

A woman dressed up as the Tank Girl character at a Cosplay event

I began to feel that we were in a battle and we would need to literally fight interdimensional beings who secretly controlled our world and created perpetual wars. Like some Intergalactic Tank Girl, I felt I needed to ready myself as a warrior. Underneath all of this was a very real emotion – FEAR. Reading about the hidden controllers of the planet was making me fearful. You see this new paradigm I had fallen into was all about separation: them and us.

Integrating the Light Strand

One day that all changed. I was pondering to myself about the fact that we share our DNA with reptilian beings and whoosh something happened. I understood the unity. It was as if a light strand had plugged into place in my being. I realised that no matter what, we are all part of each other and every being is a part of the unconditional love that pervades the entire universe.

From that moment on I was no longer fearful and let go of the idea that I needed to be a Tank Girl warrior. I know there are very real issues going on in the world but starting with separation and perpetuating that stance isn’t going to help.We are all from the same source ultimately and it was with this consciousness that we need to move forward. It isn’t enough to have unity consciousness about things that you like and having it all go out the window for something that you don’t like.

The Human Game

Some years later I had a vision and I saw that just as humanity, as a collective, were descending from source and higher dimensions, a bit split off and it is this split that became our nemesis. We did this to ourselves because we are THAT powerful. We needed to create for ourselves the grit by which we will grow. The human race are not victims, they are more powerful than we can imagine. We are here playing a game to learn.

But we created that game out of love for ourselves to grow. It is hard to see that from a 3D perspective when all we see is suffering and death and I don’t mean to say that the pain should not be expressed at that.

But there is a big picture. Ultimately we will all go on to a different plane and we take our learnings from this incarnation.

So we have created a nemesis for ourselves from the fullness of our being as a human race.

Integrating your ‘Inner Lizzie’

But what can we do to alleviate the fear? Well, I have a process that I call Integrating the Inner Lizzie. I actually was requested to speak on this by one of my readers and we recently did an online meeting when a meditation spontaneously arose to heal the Inner Lizzie. It was quite powerful and I have noticed the different feeling I have afterwards.

So I am including it for you here for you to stream for free.


This was part of The Conscious Science Club which comes free for 12 months when you buy Simply Divine. If you are interested in more content like this then have a look at Simply Divine – an Easy guide to the Science of Spirituality.

What do you make of this week’s blog? Do you think this is all nonsense or do you think coming out of fear at the politics of the world is a good idea? Let me know in the comments below. 

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What to eat when you are dimensionally aware

What to eat when you are dimensionally aware

Fruit or Friend?

Amazon just sent me an email highlighting their Vegan-friendly gifts. It included t-shirts and shopping bags with the slogan ‘Eat fruit, not friends’. This immediately made me feel conflicted as it implies that there are certain objects in life that are conscious such as animals and other things that are inanimate and unconscious such as plants. 

But when you are a multidimensional person, tuned into many levels of consciousness, you realise that nothing is an inanimate object so the concept that some things are living and conscious and other objects are not, just doesn’t work. It also raises the issue of what to eat when you are dimensionally aware.

Consciousness in all things

Ever since I had a kundalini awakening when I was 18 years old, I have been tuned in to many levels of reality and I realised that everything is actually part of the one mind. It was a moment that profoundly changed my life. 

So now I am able to sense the consciousness in all things – both so-called inanimate and animate. And I am not just talking about hearing the spirit of trees, I have even been known to have chats with pieces of furniture! This level of functioning is a bit too much for everyday life so I tend to tune it out.

The Confessions of Basil

A few years ago I had an experience which really made me rethink what it is to be vegan or vegetarian. In the days when I was still eating meat, I was cooking a meal that involved fresh basil. I had shopped for this meal in Tesco supermarket on one of my late night shopping trips after the gym, so none of the packet basil was left. I picked up one of the living herb pots and brought it home.

Later, whilst cooking with the basil and tearing off some of the leaves I heard, with my clairaudient ability, somebody saying ‘ouch’ in an indignant fashion. Perturbed, I carried on but I realised that the Basil plant was speaking to me and telling me its annoyance at having its leaves torn off!

Although I cooked the meal, I continued to ‘hear’ the Basil plant as it complained about being treated in this way. Through telepathic communication, it told me of factory farming of herbs and how difficult it was for them.

I must say I was a bit concerned I would no longer be able to eat anything. I mean if both animals and plants are so alive to me, then what exactly can I eat?

Lessons from Baz and Paz

I told James who thankfully understood and Baz, as he became known, became a member of the family taking pride of place in my office in our then home in Buxton. He started to grow so large that we re-potted him several times.

What to eat when you are dimensionally aware

Me and Baz

We took him for ‘walks’ whilst he was still small enough for us to carry him and he would sit outside in Nature facing the trees in the woods. One day he said, “shall I show you how we talk?” And then he sang a song of consciousness in vibration and colour. He was singing to the trees. He told me that this is how plants communicate.

I also heard Italian Parsley (or Paz as she became known) talk to Baz about their purpose in life. Paz said to Baz, “this is our lot. We are grown to be eaten and then we are born again. Nourishing humans is our purpose.”

But Baz wasn’t having any of it. No humans were worthy of eating his leaves. Now I understand why Basil has a reputation of being King of herbs although, in Native India, Basil is seen as sacred and the Queen of herbs.The British Empire changed it into a masculine herb!

Tuning into your body’s needs

Although I am vegan now, apart from the odd bit of fish, I am not doing this just out of concern for animal cruelty. Truth is, I have long had a difficult relationship with meat and dairy even as a small child and it has been a relief that, as a woman, I have now entered a different phase in life and my body no longer feels like it needs meat.  

Spare a thought for the plants and remember Baz

So going back to the Amazon T-shirt slogan, ‘Eat Fruit, not friends’ – to me, there is nothing that isn’t our ‘ friend’. Plants are our friends too. So if you are vegan because you believe that this is the cruelty-free way, spare a thought for the plants who are factory farmed, who feel pain and sacrifice themselves to be part of our cycle of life.

Sadly Basil, a native of much hotter climes did not make it through the cold winter of the Peak District despite a valiant attempt to make it through. As he left me he told me to look for him in all Basil plants as his spirit would go back to be at one with them all. 

What to eat when you are dimensionally aware

Baz got even bigger than this!

I hope you have enjoyed the story of Baz. Do let me know what you think in the comments below. 🙂

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The Near Death Experience on Hidden Science

The Near Death Experience on Hidden Science

In terms of studying consciousness, the Near Death Experience or NDE could be giving us valuable evidence indicating that consciousness continues after death. Indeed, the phenomenon of the Near Death Experience leads us to face a fundamental question; does our consciousness exist beyond the brain and body?

The Reductionist view

To the reductionists, this question is an easy ‘no’, as they believe that consciousness is an epiphenomenon of the brain, emerging from neurons as a side effect of electrical firings. To them, all humans are simply mechanical apes who have developed a few special faculties to give them an evolutionary advantage. In the reductionist world, the brain and body are machines and the primary agents of life – nothing is animating them. When death occurs, this primary agent of life is destroyed, end of story.

Over the years however, evidence of people having a conscious experience during periods of zero brain activity has accumulated. The concept that consciousness can exist beyond the brain challenges the reductionist belief system that the body is nothing more than its constituent parts. 

Beyond the Brain

It is important to note that it is still a belief system though. There is no absolute proof that consciousness emerges from the brain. Professor Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona gives us a brilliant analogy. He compares the brain to a mobile/cell phone. Just because you can hear a voice coming from a mobile phone does not mean that your friend lives inside the phone.

If the phone gets damaged, you know that your friend is not affected; the phone was just receiving her voice. Schwartz says that the brain could be acting in a similar fashion – it is just a receiver and a conduit for consciousness, rather than the generator of it. 


Hidden Science TV Special

As part of the Hidden Science series for The People’s Voice TV, I co-produced, wrote and presented a special on the Near Death Experience featuring guests:-

Dr Penny Sartori, A former intensive care nurse and the author of The Wisdom of the Near Death Experience.

Graham Nicholls who is an expert in out-of-body-experiences and the author of several books including ‘Avenues of the Human Spirit’

And Jazz Rasool a former physicist and molecular biologist who has created the Energy diamond Software.

Watch out for when we discuss black holes and the Near Death Experience. Enjoy!



Let me know what you think in the comments below.

If you would like to know more about the science of The Near Death Experience check out Simply Divine, an Easy Guide to the Science of Spirituality. 

Simply Divine an Easy guide to the science of spirituality

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Angels on my TV

Angels on my TV

In 2007, I was invited to the studios of Press TV in West London alongside the world-renowned author, Diana Cooper to discuss the Science of Angels. But soon I was also discussing some of my angelic experiences.

The whole day was pretty amazing as the Press TV studios were very well equipped and plush, with makeup artists for all the ‘talent’ as well. Some time later, I made several trips to the then BBC studios nearby and it was disappointingly drab in comparison. This interview was actually my first taste of the live TV set up in a studio even though I had already appeared in several documentaries. This studio experience came in handy later when working for The People’s Voice TV.

I am delighted to find that this interview has now resurfaced on Youtube courtesy of the presenter Rebecca Masterton who did a great job. So here is the discussion on Press TV about The Science of Angels. It is in several parts.


Have you ever had an encounter with angels? Please leave your comments below. 

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